Hi, I’m Sabine. Together with my husband I was travelling the world for 6 years and every day I fell even more in love with our planet with its beautiful nature, our unique animal world and the countless possibilities to live. We rode through Asia on a moped, crossed and circumnavigated Australia by car, walked once longitudinally through New Zealand, crossed Central America from Guatemala to Panama on a bicycle and hitchhiked through South America and into the Arctic.

I lived and studied in China for quite some time, lived in New Zealand for a year, traveled through Australia for almost 2 years and called Canada (British Columbia) my home for 1.5 years.

For our trip I have taken over the complete travel planning and organization and therefore I know very well the little tricks and tricks that make every trip easier. If you have any questions about individual travel planning and individual travel, about outdoor possibilities and traveling away from the known destinations of the individual countries, you are asking the right one with me!

Travel expertise: Asia, Oceania, Central and South America