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Can anyone upload their travel photos to Charesse TravelPics?

In principle yes. First and foremost we want to address travel bloggers and (semi-)professional photographers as well as photo artists with Charesse TravelPics to upload their pictures. But in some of them there is a still unrecognized photo talent :-). So if you have nice travel photos, please upload them to Charesse TravelPics. Our team tries to select the most qualitative photographs with the help of professional photographers. At the same time we would also like to include as many photos of hobby photographers as possible in our database, so that you can find a nice mix of different photos in our database.

How are my uploaded photos at Charesse TravelPics protected against download/copy?

The editorial staff provides each photo on the website with the watermark of Charesse TravelPics. Thus your photos are protected from being used in any other context. If you don’t want a watermark or in case you have your own watermark you want us to use for your photos, just let us know in the upload process. We will be happy to take care of all your wishes.

What are the benefits of uploading pictures to Charesse TravelPics?

It increases the visibility of your work as a photographer and makes companies, galleries and editorial offices aware of your pictures.

You can link directly to the photos on your travel blog or website.

Also you support sustainable and green traveling to protect the beauty of our planet:

With every photo uploaded until 29.04.2020 you actively participate in our fundraising campaign for the WWF to preserve our environment and the wildlife of our beloved travel world: For each uploaded photo we will donate 5 cents to the Brazilian Rainforest Rescue Campaign!

In addition we value the idea of sharing. The ability to travel all the beautiful places in the world is limited and few people get to experience everything they want. We would like to provide the possibility to visit wonderful destinations virtually with our Visual Search Engine.

How can I upload photos at Charesse TravelPics?

For the submission of your photos a registration is necessary. As soon as this has been confirmed by our editorial staff, you can upload pictures in your personal account. Of course the copyrights remain with the photographer.

What are the submission rules?

– Original photography and content are required!

– Do not violate the copyrights of persons! Any contribution with infringements will be removed immediately.

– For the submission of contributions a registration is required.

– Photos should be cut to 1280 x 720 pixels.

– Image names should be added. This means a photo description consisting of the following items (Photo subject, Region, Country, Continent) and separated by commas.

– We reserve the right to remove contributions at any time.

What should the photo title contain?

So that everyone who is interested in your submitted photo also knows where this unique picture was taken, we ask you to enter Subject, Town/City, Region/Province, Country, Continent in the picture title.

If you would like to have your name mentioned in the title of your picture, please add it to the end of the picture title with @max_mustermann.

If you want a link to your website/travel blog, please put the URL in the images’ description box. When published the description text is displayed in the detailed view of your image. You might also want to write 3-4 sentences about yourself and your photographic work in the description box. Our editorial staff is glad to add your profile.

Why should the picture title not contain more than 45 characters?

To guarantee the consistent style of our website we do not want to exceed this number of characters. We thank you for your understanding.

Is it possible to upload more than one photo for a travel destination?

Sure! Since we want to give our users as accurate a picture of a travel destination as possible, we like to upload a large number of photos for a region. In addition, we want to enchant users with travel destinations they may not be able to travel or they may not want to travel for ecological or ethical reasons. We see ourselves here as a kind of virtual travel provider for inspiration or just for dreaming.

Why should I provide the uploaded picture with keyword and caption?

Adding a caption to your picture optimizes the findability of your pictures. It will be used for keyword searches in our system. Therefore we recommend to tag your pictures optimally according to the following system:

Subject, City/Town, Region/Province, Country, Continent

In case you want to add your name to the picture title we recommend the form below:


My contributions never appear on the website. Why?

We try to select images of the highest quality to display on the website.

Why should I submit a 1280 x 720 pixel image?

We recommend that you resize and crop the images yourself to have complete control over the composition.

The height and width of your photo must be at least 1280 x 720 pixels.

How long does it take after a photo upload for the photo to appear on the website?

It can take up to 7 days, but we usually review your submissions much faster.

What is a Charesse TravelPics Profile?

Manage your stored photos in your Charesse TravelPics account. Everything in your account is synchronized in all your devices. Create an account with the following services: Facebook, Google or E-Mail.

Would you give more detailed feedback on how photos are accepted?

We would like to respond to each request with more specific ways to improve your photos, but we don’t have the resources to justify each decision individually. Please note that while we have quality guidelines for our editors, the photo selection process is still subjective.

Why do you reject my photos while other websites accept them?

We are an independent website with our own quality standards and our own editors. The photo selection process will always be subjective

Why do you reject my photos when other websites accept them?
We are an independent website with our own quality standards and our own editors. The photo selection process will always be subjective, even under our guidelines. We are not influenced by other websites, nor do we look at what others publish.


How do I get the curated detailed information about a TravelPic?
Click on the photo you like. Two captions will appear in the large view. If you click on the signature below, you will get the curated information about the picture. In addition to the profile, you will also find links to similar keywords, as shown in the caption above, so that you can use our keyword search in our photo database to look for other destinations that inspire you. In addition, you can upload your favourite pictures in your profile to a virtual travel book in the “profile view” of the pictures and show it to friends or send them your virtual travel recommendation.

Which photos appear at the top of the pinboard?
The photos on the wall appear randomly. The order will change at regular intervals.

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