Stay healthy in the Corona crisis!


Even if the Corona virus is still affecting the whole world right now, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the risk of infection.

Here are some recommendations how to stay healthy at home and while traveling!


Hygiene recommendations:

  • Limit contacts: Even if it is difficult: Try to avoid contacts with other people as much as possible.
  • Pay attention to the safety distance: Try not to come closer to other people than two meters.
  • Turn your head away from in conversations: In the corona crisis, the rules of politeness no longer apply. Always prefer to turn your head slightly away from the conversation partner.
  • Avoid shaking hands: Never shake hands with other people as a greeting!
  • Thorough hand washing: Wash your hands for at least thirty seconds – also between your fingers and on the surface.
  • Allergy sufferers and asthmatics should take their medication: It is important that allergy sufferers and asthmatics take their medication at the moment so that they do not become a risk group.







What to consider when traveling

At least in Germany, and at some point internationally again, travel will be possible again in the foreseeable future. You should  pay particular attention to these things in the Corona crisis:

  • Pay particular attention to hygiene at airports and on trains, since there is a particularly high risk of infection
  • Many unmarried couples don’t worry about it. But: You should prepare a “authorisation in case of illness” and have it with you. Because: If one of the partners has to be treated in the hospital, the doctors may theoretically not give the partner any information if they are not married. In the worst case,the partner is not allowed to visit the intensive care unit as a visitor.
  • Not only in Corona times, but always important when traveling: Always have your vaccination certificate with you! So you can be treated properly in the event of illness and double vaccinations are avoided.
  • Inform yourself beforehand about the Corona situation in your travel destination. The pages of the German embassies usually offer good information and links.


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