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About us

Charesse TravelPics is a visual search engine for your search for new overwhelming travel destinations. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature, which makes our world so unique.

Save the beauty of our world!

On our platform you can discover new travel destinations and let yourself be inspired by the photographs of the best travel bloggers and their curation.

Let yourself be enchanted by Charesse TravelPics.

Sustainable and health-conscious traveling

Discover our world virtually or travel consciously. For us, conscious traveling means sustainable and health-conscious traveling.

The founders of Charesse TravelPics both come from the medical field and work as doctors in Hamburg and Berlin. In addition to traveling and discovering foreign countries and cultures, their passion is medical topics. On this page you will find tips for traveling and photography as well as medical travel tips and health advice for globetrotters.

Travel relaxed and safe!


Vera and Nils, founders of Charesse TravelPics: “We believe it’s time for conscious travel – conscious in the sense of health-conscious towards the people in the countries we travel and sustainable towards our environment!



The holiday mood makers
Interview with Vera and Nils, the founders of the Berlin start-up Charesse TravelPics.

What exactly is Charesse?

Charesse is a visual search engine for travellers to discover new destinations. We show both known and hidden holiday destinations by means of atmospheric photos of the holiday destinations. You can indulge yourself in holiday impressions. And find the perfect destination for yourself so intuitively and easily. In addition, we offer curated information about the respective travel destination.

What is the benefit of Charesse for the user? How does your platform work?

With us the users go on a virtual journey. Out of the everyday life. We offer them the inspiration to discover completely new travel destinations or to virtually visit destinations that are currently not accessible.

For example: You want to go on a skiing holiday and you want it to be different from what it has been for the last three years. Now you start thinking about where the hottest ski resorts are or which friends and relatives you could ask for travel tips. You want to discover and experience something new. At the same time you do not want to take any risks. Our vacation days are limited and our expectations of our vacation are high and do not want to be disappointed. Back to our example with skiing. The new holiday destination should include not only the possibility of skiing but also a special adventure and slow tourism. And this is exactly where Charesse comes in. Instead of thinking hard about where this place might be, you enter Slow Tourism and Skiing on Charesse TravelPics and you get all the beautiful pictures of the travel destinations that offer it, with curated information about the region and the country. You can relax and view the images of these regions and discover new destinations in an inspiring virtual journey. And lo and behold, you are presented with a horse-skiing tour in Kyrgyzstan, for example, a destination that was not initially considered at all. But since the user likes Kyrgyzstan on his picture journey, he books his next ski trip to Kirkistan.
In addition, Charesse offers the possibility, if a destination has already been determined, to visit it virtually before the start of the journey and to get in the mood for the destination with the help of our beautiful picture material and to inform oneself. But also the share-idea is important to us. Also for people for whom a travel start to a sensual place is currently not realizable can visit his dream region with us virtually.

The user can also create favorites for his next trips and share them with friends and acquaintances or create virtual travel recommendations for third parties.

What makes Charesse unique?

Charesse makes it possible to discover new travel destinations based on images and to get to know the beauty of our world. We work together with renowned travel bloggers and thus have an extensive and high quality pool of fantastic travel photos from places all over the world. We offer a relaxed break from everyday life, where you can let your imagination run free.

When did you start the company?

Charesse GmbH was officially founded at the end of 2019.

What is your philosophy?

We think every person is looking for something different on his journey. That’s why we developed Charesse TravelPics, a special Visual Search Engine for Travellers, which works like this In the beginning there is the longing, association or the wish of our user, what the next journey should offer.
The user enters all this in our search engine. Charesse then shows him the holiday pictures matching his association, together with the information linked to them. So the user can discover perfectly fitting new destinations or travel them virtually. Briefly our philosophy can be summarized in this way: We believe it is time for conscious travel – conscious in the sense of health-conscious towards the people in the countries we travel to and sustainable towards our environment.

What is currently the focus for the further development of Charesse?

Creating a wide range of image data and travel destinations.

What is your long-term goal with Charesse?

To depict the beauty of our world in pictures. In the long term, given the increasing urgency of sustainability, environmentally conscious and health-conscious travel, we can also imagine virtual city tours or virtual sightseeing tours on our platform.

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